Back From Gen Con!


We are back from Gen Con and have spent the week working through all the orders placed while we were at Gen Con. We are all caught up and all orders will now be shipping as normal!


Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at Gen Con. As always, it’s great to meet and talk to you all.


There were several Cosplayer’s at Gen Con dressed up as Order of the Stick characters. We love seeing Cosplay and we love supporting it. So pictured below is the very cute Monster in the Darkness Cosplay. Because she stopped by our booth and let us get a picture, she scored herself a free MiTD and Demon Roaches miniature. Yay!

MITD GC 2014

Brand New Order of the Stick Miniatures!


We have just released four new Order of the Stick miniatures! These are:



O'Chul Variant


The Monster in the Darkness and Demon Roaches

Monster In The Darkness VariantDemon Roaches


Redcloak or Hobgoblin Shaman


Redcloak VariantHobgoblin Cleric Variant


Hobgoblin Warrior

Hobgoblin Warrior Variants

All of these figures are now available in our online cart here:


Painted versions are available for preorder here:



Please note that orders placed between August 6th and Wednesday August 19th will ship when we return from Gen Con.

Gen Con 2014



We will be attending Gen Con from August 14-17 in Indianapolis, IN!


We will be located in booth 1456, near Games Workshop.  If you need a copy of the exhibit hall map, you can find a copy here:


New at our booth in Gen Con will be four newly released Order of the Stick Miniatures:


The Monster In the Darkness & Demon Roaches


Redcloak  or Hobgoblin Cleric

Hobgoblin Warrior


We will also have small supplies of the following pre-releases for our other lines available at Gen Con:


Howard David Johnson Line 1/6th scale (approx 12 inches tall) Poor Cinderella

Howard David Johnson Line 32mm Poor Cinderella
Howard David Johnson Line 54mm Danu
Howard David Johnson Line 54mm Bodbh, Goddess of War and Death
Howard David Johnson Line 54mm Justitia, Roman Goddess of Justice
Howard David Johnson Line 54mm Halith

Morland Studios Line 32mm Brynhilde, Swan Maiden
Morland Studios Line 32mm Nemesis, Greek Goddess
Morland Studios Bust Line Orchid Fairy
Morland Studios Wing Bits
Morland Studios Coin Piles Bits
Morland Studios Mini Bust Chard CV
Morland Studios Mini Bust Kelly
Morland Studios Mini Bust The Giant Killer
Morland Studios Mini Bust Bookworm
Morland Studios Mini Bust Queen



Please note that because we are attending Gen Con, any orders placed between August 7th and Wednesday August 19th will ship when we return from Gen Con.


Hope to see you there!

July Release: Daisy Fairy Bust


This month we are releasing another bust sculpted by Anastasiya Podorozhna, “Daisy Fairy”. Cast in resin she measures approx 80mm high.   She can be found in our online store in the bust section here:



Daisy Fairy WEB

WonderFest 2014



We will be attending WonderFest in Louisville, Kentucky on May 31st and June 1st!

While there, we will have our normal figures as well as some pre-releases available.  We will also be offering a VERY small number of pre-release copies of our new large scale (1/6th Garage Kit scale) figure,   “Poor Cinderella” from our Howard David Johnson licensed line.


Poor Cinderella

WonderFest is THE annual expo for model collectors of Sci-fi, fantasy and horror and Garage Kit scaled figures.  They also boast a VERY large modeling/painting contest that had just shy of 600 entries last year.  That alone is worth the cost of admission to see.   If you are attending or in the area, come on by!   Because we are attending WonderFest, we will not be shipping any orders from Wednesday, May 28th through June 3rd.  All orders placed within that time frame will ship after we return on June 4th.


WonderFest logo

May Release: Eleanor, 20th Century Flapper Bust


This month’s release is another resin bust, “Eleanor, 20th Century Flapper”.   Sculpted by the talented Anastasiya Podorozhna, she measures approximately 100mm from the bottom of her clothes to the top of her feather.


Eleanor, 20th Century Flapper Bust


She can be found in our cart at:


Morland Studios is Moving!


Thanks to the support of all of our customers, Morland Studios has grown tremendously in our first three years!   So much so, that a move to a new bigger location is very over due.   We will not be shutting the store down during this period and except for our normal “unable to ship order because we are attending a con”, we will continue to ship orders.   Please do accept my apologies for any email answer delays as we work to get everything moved and reset up as fast as possible.


Winners of the Morland Studios & WAMP Painting Contest

The contest deadline has passed, judging is through and the results are in!  We had a great time looking at the miniatures entered and the quality of entries was absolutely outstanding.  Thank you to all that entered!


1st Place:

Century with Kreimhild’s Revenge

Kreimhilds Revenge by Century

2nd Place (tie):

Arthurtheking with the Grail Maiden

Grail Maiden

2nd Place (tie):

Don’t Fear’s  ‘Neath The Shady Tree (Kreimhild’s Revenge)

 Kreimhild's Revenge



3rd Place (tie):

Thunderboltfire with Lady Furry

 Lady Furry


3rd Place (tie):

Tyrannus Libris with Kreimhild’s Revenge

Kreimhilds Revenge



1st place Order of the Stick went to KDLynch for the full Order plus Xykon.




2nd place Order of the Stick went to Morthane for Xykon & Zombie Dragon.


Xykon And Zombie Dragon

Khonner received a Special Award for his Elania.



Donald Johannson received a Special Award for his Kreimhild’s Revenge.

Kreimhilds Revenge


Brett Johnson gave us a VERY lovely Medb entry, but declined a prize slot.

Fairy Queen Medb

All of the contest entries have been added to our galleries and they can be found by clicking here:

Morland Studios February Release: Elven Fairy Magic

Previously only available at Conventions that we attended last year, this month marks the official release of our first large scale figure, “Elven Fairy Magic”!   She  is a 1/6th scale resin kit sculpted by Joe Laudati.   Elven Fairy magic is a fully licensed kit based on the artwork “Elven Fairy Magic” from Howard David Johnson.


Elven Fairy Magic Promo 1

Elven Fairy Magic Promo 2

Elven Fairy Magic Face Promo

Elven Fairy Magic promo artwork

“Elven Fairy Magic” can be found here:

Morland Studios Painting Contest!


The wonderful folks at WAMP are known for their themed painting contests and we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with WAMP for a Morland Studios themed online painting contest!  Any of the figures that we produce in our Morland Studios, Howard David Johnson Line or Order of the Stick lines are eligible for entry!

The prizes are:

1st place  100.00 Morland Studios store credit
2nd  75.00 Morland Studios store credit
3rd  50.00 Morland Studios store credit.

Everyone who enters will receive a 2.00 of Morland Studios store credit, just for entering at the end of the contest!

WAMPs contests are tons of fun to enter, free, very friendly and welcomes everyone of all skill levels!  The contest runs from now until February 21st, 6pm BST time.

For more information on how to enter and the rules, visit the WAMP thread here: