Heading to WonderFest Hobby Expo!


We will be vending at Wonderfest USA this Saturday and Sunday! If you are in the area, stop on by and say hello.


WonderFest is a yearly convention focusing on Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, FX and garage kits. They also have a HUGE Modeling contest that had over 600 entries last year.




Romantic Fantasy Artist Nene Thomas Miniatures Line Launches!

We are very proud to announce the launch of our new licensed line: Nene Thomas Miniatures!


This line will include 32mm, 54mm, busts as well as pendants and keychains, all based on the artwork of romantic fantasy artist Nene Thomas.


Our first release is from her artwork “Myerasalome, Queen of Havoc”. Myerasalome is available as a 32mm miniature, a 54mm miniature, a keychain or a pendant.  All of these are available in lead free pewter.

32mm Myerasalome, Queen of Havoc


The 32mm version can be found here.


54mm Myerasalome Queen of Havoc Plain Hand Option

54mm Myerasalome Queen of Havoc

The 54mm version comes with two different hand choices and can be found here.


Myerasalome, Queen of Havoc Keychain


The keychain is finished pewter.


Myerasalome, Queen of Havoc Pendant

The pendant is made from solid finished pewter and can be found here.

Orchid Fairy & Gypsy Bust Released

  This month we are releasing two new busts sculpted for us by for us by Anastasiya Podorozhna.

The Orchid Fairy

Orchid Fairy

The Gypsy

 Gypsy Bust

They can both be found in our cart at:




54mm Halith is Released!

This month we are releasing a new 54mm miniature, Halith!   Halith is based off the artwork of the same name by Howard David Johnson.  She was sculpted by Sebastian Archer and is released in metal.


MS Halith Web

She can be found here:



Morland Studios Stackers Basing & Display Plinth System Released!

This month we are releasing our Stackers basing and display plinth system as well as individual display plinths.

Take your display and gaming bases to the next level with Morland Studios Stackers basing & display plinth system! Our stacker system is designed to provide a high quality, highly customizable, basing or display system at a low cost.

Each part in our patent-pending Stacker system can be used as a base itself or combined with other parts to form a better, more customized base. Each part of the same size fits together to create the base, or plinth, that YOU want. Because each part in the system is also a stand-alone base or plinth, extra parts are easy to add and unwanted parts are fully usable as either bases or plinths.

You can create a custom height for a display plinth as a solid final piece with your figure mounted on top, or leave the top section “free” to create a display base with an interchangeable top. This is especially great when you want to keep a low base profile for your figure long term, or for gaming, but want to give it extra height, easier viewing (and notice!) when on display in a display case or convention table. When used on their own, the plinth sections can also double as damage markers, spell markers or as easy topography markers in tabletop gaming.

All of our plinths and bases have “easy grip” sides that truly allow you to handle your figure by the base while retaining a pleasant display to look at. Unlike other bases, they are easy to pick up by the rim directly from the table with no more having to slide the base to the side of the table or pick up your delicate figure by the figure to either move it around or pick it off the table.

Releasing this month are:

19mm Hollow top stacker set
30mm Hollow top stacker set
30mm Grid Floor stacker set
30mm Plank Floor stacker set
30mm Cobblestone stacker set
30mm Brick stacker set
30mm Fancy Parquet stacker set
30mm Abstract Parquet stacker set
30mm Herringbone stacker set
30mm Basketweave stacker set
40mm Hollow top stacker set
50mm Hollow top stacker set

19mm small plinth
19mm medium plinth
19mm large plinth
30mm small plinth
30mm medium plinth
30mm large plinth
40mm small plinth
40mm medium plinth
40mm large plinth
50mm small plinth
50mm medium plinth
50mm large plinth


MS patterned stackers group WEB NEWHollow Stackers Release WEB NEW

Abstract Parquet Stacker WEB NEW



19mm lg plinth WEB NEW

30mm lg plinth WEB NEW

40mm plinth LG WEB NEW

50mm lg plinth WEB NEW


You can check them out at:


Soon to be Retired Miniatures.


As a “heads up” several of our figures are getting low on stock and will not be recast. When they are sold out they will be discontinued, so if you wanted a copy now is the time to pick one up.


We are now down to 37 copies of our 32mm Limited Edition set “The Bath”. This set was sculpted for us by legendary sculptor Julie Guthrie and is the only way to get a copy of the Bubble Fairies model. When the set is sold out, it will not be released again.




We are also getting low on our stock of Eleanor, 20th Century Flapper bust, The Cowboy bust and our Miss Kitty Bust. When these are sold out, we will be retiring these figures.

MS flapper




MS The Cowboy



MS Miss Kitty



The Order of the Stick “Xykon & Zombie Dragon” will also be retired after all the copies currently in the store are gone.


MS Xykon Dragon Set cart



More February Releases!


This month we are having two sets of releases!  Earlier in the month we released a Howard David Johnson line 54mm Justita, Roman Goddess of Justice and nine new 30mm bases.

For the second wave of releases this month we have:

Bodbh, the Goddess of War & Death. Bodbh is a 54mm figure based on the artwork “Bodbh” by Howard David Johnson.

MS Bodbh web



We also have a 54mm Danu. Danu is also from our Howard David Johnson line.


MS Danu Web


Next is the fourth Swan Maiden in our 32mm Swan Maiden series. Brynhildr, Swan Maiden

MS Swan Maiden Bryn

Lastly, we have two Elven Adventurers.

Male Elf Adventurer

MS Cer Elf

Female Elf Adventurer

MS Elil Elf

Justitia, Roman Goddess of Justice & 9 New Base Releases

 This month we are releasing another figure for our Howard David Johnson artwork line, Justitia the Roman Goddess of Justice!  Justitia is a 54mm metal figure sculpted by Sebastian Archer.


Justitia, Roman Goddess of Justice


We have also added nine new 30mm base designs to the web store.  The designs are: Abstract Parquet, Basketweave, Herringbone, Cobblestone, Small Brick, Sci-Fi Grid Flooring, Wooden/Plank Flooring, Fancy Parquet and Star Panel. Each base pack comes with five bases cast in black resin. Our bases have an improved rim that allows for an easier grip when picking the base up or moving it around the gaming board or off a tabletop. This allows for ease of use without risking damaging your model or your paint job, or having to pick the model up by the model itself, all while maintaining the same visual aesthetic of popular game system and display style bases.


MS Base Release


These can all be found in our online store here:


Miniature Painting Class to be Held At JerseyFest 2015

We will be sponsoring a miniature painting class during JerseyFest 2015.  The class will be taught by Maya “Valloa” Morland and feature a 54mm bust of the Limited Edition Sybil, Steampunk Lady sculpted by Patrick Keith.   Contact us at morlandstudios@yahoo.com for more information or to sign up.


MM Jerseyfest class


Information about JerseyFest can be found here:



Morland Studios Returns to JerseyFest!

 We will be returning to JerseyFest for 2015!  We will have a vendor’s booth, be sponsoring a miniature painting class and sponsoring some prizes for the JerseyFest Model & Art Contest!


JerseyFest will be on Friday August 28th and run until Sunday August 30th, 2015 and take place in Whippany, New Jersey.  This is a really fun hobby show to attend with lots to do.


Their model contest is judged by professional model painters, builders, magazine writers and movie FX legends.  It is open to classic horror, science fiction, fantasy, miniatures, monsters and more.


You can find out more about JerseyFest here: