Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

“Getting Ready for Santa” Resin Display Set Released!

We hope your December brings lots of good times with your friends and family as you celebrate Christmas or any other seasonal holiday!


We are releasing a 35mm Christmas scene, “Getting Ready for Santa”, sculpted by Sandra Garrity. This 7 piece set is all cast in quality resin and features a traditional Christmas Eve scene of trimming a tree and of course, mischief.


It features a cute scene of several kids getting ready for Santa’s visit. The little girl is busy trimming the tree in candy canes while the boy watches in dismay as their puppy pulls on the tablecloth trying to tip over Santa’s milk and cookies! The fireplace is all ready with a lit fire and candles and decorated with a lace doily and stockings for the entire family..including the pets! The tree is fully decked out with tinsel banners, tons of ornaments of all shapes and sizes from bulbs to houses and all the other nicknacks that trees acquire over the years. There is even a furry surprise peeking out from inside the tree! Underneath the tree sits presents, a drum, ball, train and of course, a kitty playing with an ornament.


Getting Ready for Santa


Getting Ready for Santa


Getting Ready for Santa

RD Tree 1 RD Tree 2 RD Tree 3 RD Tree 4 RD Tree 5 RD Tree 6 RD Tree 7


It can be found in our 32mm miniature section here:

Caterpillar, The Morland Studios Cat

Most of you have seen the pictures we post of our studio cat, Caterpillar. So for those who have inquired why we post pictures of him in costumes, here is the reason why.


Caterpillar is a shelter rescue, Caterpillar and his sister were two of several cats and kittens rescued from a shelter that was closing down without trying to relocate the feline animals they had.  Caterpillar was very sick and very young, just barely old enough to be weaned.  He was not only struggling with food, but was having constant horrible diarrhea and dehydration.  We named him CATapiller not just because of the pun, but because his little bottom was so raw, even with medication, that he could only walk with his little bottom curled up and moved like a wooly bear caterpillar.  Since he was a long haired brown cat, he looked just like one, so we named him Caterpillar.


After a week or two, he was gaining weight and fluffed out.  He got to play for about a week as a normal fluffy kitten before he got sick again.  This time it was his eye.  His eye lid started to swell and continued to get worse despite multiple vet trips and medication.  The eye had gotten so incredibly swollen that we couldn’t see the eye.  Both his regular vets and the emergency vets thought he would lose the eye.  We were encouraged to consider putting him to sleep because of his age at once because they thought he would lose the eye.  When we declined that option, the emergency vet commented, “Well, I guess a one eyed cat is still a good pet”.  They were reluctant to offer any treatment options because of the strong possibility he would lose the eye.  We insisted and started him on a long battery of antibiotics, serum treatments, etc.  We also had to have him in a collar to protect the eye from his paws and little hats to protect the eye inside the collar from getting anything in it and to shelter it from any breezes or debris.


It took a very long time but he recovered completely and as you can see from the pictures we post, he has two healthy eyes and grew into a healthy cat.  One of the hold overs from this is he loved to wear “hats” but HATES having anything pointed at him as he thinks he’s going to get blood drawn, tested, or poked.  He gets to wear them when he wants (yes, he quite often to begs to wears them) in the studio rooms where the other cats won’t steal his hat off his head.  So while he has a collection of kitty and dog costume hats that he loves and begs to wear,  its very hard to take pictures of him being happy while wearing his hats because he hates the camera or even a phone pointing at him.


Here is a shot of him in his new, larger sized, Santa Hat.


2015 merry xmas final

Happy Thanksgiving!

MS Thanksgiving

We, here at Morland Studios,  want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travel days to those who visit family and friends.  Warm weather for some, cool fall-like weather for some and snow for others make up this time of year. We hope you are enjoying the weather and company wherever you are.


We’ll be running a Black Friday sale from Wednesday, November the 25th through the  end of cyber Monday, November the 30th with 25% off selected lines.

Dates for Holiday Delivery


FOR US customers:  In order to receive your items in time for Christmas, your order must be placed by December 17th if using USPS Priority mail and by December 15th if using USPS First Class mail.   


All orders using USPS Priority mail must be placed by December 8th to reach you in time for Christmas.   

USPS First Class mail will not arrive by Christmas regardless when it is mailed from today on.    

Morland Studios Fifth Anniversary & Halloween Sale!

 It’s finally fall again, with everything that fall brings : Cooler weather, changing leaves, Halloween and of course, the fifth  Anniversary for Morland Studios.  Every year we celebrate with a sale, and this year is no exception.   We have 20% off  until October 31st on Morland Studios  32mm, 54mm and busts, the Nene Thomas Line, the Howard David Johnson 32mm, 54mm and busts, Limited Edition figures and the Order of the Stick line including painted and unpainted miniatures.    All of these can be found here:




We also wish all of our customers a fun, and safe, Halloween!


MS Halloween 2015

ProCreate Putty Back In Stock

We have restocked ProCreate Putty.  ProCreate is a new generation of epoxy putty formulated specifically for the professional artist to create original miniature sculpture. ProCreate has a fine, non-grainy consistency that makes it easy to mix, sculpt, smooth and allows for extremely fine detail.

Procreate putty

It can be found here:  http://morlandstudios.com/webstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11&products_id=372

JerseyFest was, as always, a wonderful time!  One of our students for the Friday night miniature class, Devin, was kind enough to share his photos of his finished Sybil, Steampunk Lady bust.   Thank you for sharing Devin!


Devin 1 Devin 2


We are attending JerseyFest!    We will be located in the dealers hall on August 29th and August 30th.   On Friday night, we are sponsoring a Miniature painting class.  Below is a picture of some of the items the students will be receiving in the class.


JF Class For Students

Because we will be attending JerseyFest this month, any orders placed between August 22 – September 1st will ship when we return after September 2nd.   We look forward to seeing everyone who attends and stops by!

The Linear Guild Joins The Order of the Stick Line

This month we are proud to add three members of the Linear Guild to our Order of the Stick line!


This release consists of the following four figures:

Nale (Who can also be used an an alternate Elan figure if you leave off the goatee)

Nale web 2

sabine web 2
Demon Sabine

Demon Sabine web 2

thog web

These are available as unpainted miniatures, or a small number in paint-to-order fully assembled and painted figures. They can be found here: