Now Carrying Kraftmark Putties

We are now carrying Kraftmark’s excellent line of putties.   These include:

ProCreate, a new generation of epoxy putty formulated specifically for the professional artist to create original miniature sculptors.  It has a fine, non-grainy consistency that makes it easy to mix, sculpt, smooth and allows for extremely fine detail.



Stick Putty, a pre-measured, ready to mix, 2-part 5 minute epoxy putty.  Within minutes it forms a tenacious bond to steel, pewter, iron and other surfaces.  It can be used to customize figures, repair terrain, build up armature and understructures.


Terrain Putty is an epoxy based 1:1 mix ratio, light weight, non-sag, long work life material formulated to build or mold terrain features and to restore, rebuild and reinforce existing terrain features.  It can be used in silicone molds as a mold making material or for original sculpture.  It has excellent adhesion to wood, glass, metal, concrete and some plastics.  Terrain Putty is very easy to mix and after it is cured, produces a hard and durable material that is very easy to sand, carve, drill and is paintable.

To celebrate this addition to our store, all Kraftmark products are 10% off retail price until July 13th.