Happy Halloween!


Caterpillar 2014


We are not “lion” when we wish everyone out there a Happy and Treat-filled Halloween from all of us at Morland Studios and from Caterpillar, our studio cat!


From repeated requests, as well as a Halloween treat for our Order of the Stick fans, we have listed a suggested paint list to create your own Vampire Durkon from our currently released Durkon.  The steps for painting him are exactly the same as our regular Durkon, except you use the below colors and add two white triangle fangs.


Reaper Master Series Cloudy Grey (stone)

Privateer Press P3 Thamar Black (blacks on mouth, hands, around fangs, around the head and gemstone)

Reaper Master Series Bronzed Highlight (skin)

Privateer Press Khador Red Base (eyes)

Privateer Press P3 Morrow White (fangs)

Reaper Master Series Cloudy Grey (clothes)

Reaper Master Series Icy Grey (shield)

Reaper Master Series HD Military Grey (armpads)

Reaper Master Series Lemon Yellow (amulet & belt buckle)

Reaper Master Series Rainy Grey (beard, belt, rivets & stripe)


Vampire Durkon