New Kickstarter for Modular Miniature Base Stackers & Display Plinths

Morland Studios has launched our second Kickstarter and we need your help!


Morland Studios wants to help you take your display and gaming bases to the next level with the patent pending Morland Studios Stackers basing system! Our patent-pending Stacker system is designed to provide a high quality, highly customizable, basing system at a low cost. Each part in our Stacker system can be used as a base itself or combined with other parts to form a better, more customized display or gaming base.


Uses include customizing the height of a permanent display plinth at low cost, creating a customized sized display plinth at shows to make your figure stand out based on the height needed at that table spot, a marker system for gaming where you can add/remove sections to indicate spells, damage, etc, using each individual part as a traditional base and much more.


Our goal is to relaunch the popular base designs that were produced by Valloa’s Vale in the 1990’s onwards (such as the very popular hollows that we were the first to produce) while adding new and exciting designs and further innovations to our bases, Stackers and plinths. In doing so, we have also made improvements to our designs. Such as an easier grip and increased ease of picking up bases, or Stacker plinth, which means less risk of damage to your paint jobs or miniatures.


EACH Stacker is made up of multiple bases that can also be purchased as just the bases.


Take a look at our Kickstarter page by clicking the following link:

Our first Kickstarter no only fulfilled on time, but we managed to deliver our quality products ahead of schedule. So please take a look at our Kickstarter and share with your friends.