Soon to be Retired Miniatures.


As a “heads up” several of our figures are getting low on stock and will not be recast. When they are sold out they will be discontinued, so if you wanted a copy now is the time to pick one up.


We are now down to 37 copies of our 32mm Limited Edition set “The Bath”. This set was sculpted for us by legendary sculptor Julie Guthrie and is the only way to get a copy of the Bubble Fairies model. When the set is sold out, it will not be released again.



We are also getting low on our stock of Eleanor, 20th Century Flapper bust, The Cowboy bust and our Miss Kitty Bust. When these are sold out, we will be retiring these figures.

MS flapper


MS The Cowboy


MS Miss Kitty


The Order of the Stick “Xykon & Zombie Dragon” will also be retired after all the copies currently in the store are gone.


MS Xykon Dragon Set cart