New Scenic Bases Added To The Store

We have added a lot of Reality in Scale’s excellently detailed scenic bases to the store.  This includes:

Ancient Statue Base

Chapel Section Base

Gymnasivm – 44 B.C. Base

Ancient Column Ruin Base

Ruined Ionic Column Base

Pedestal Set 4 pcs

1641 Renaissance Building Section Base

“The Capital” Base

Ruined Arch & Column Base

Aphrodite of Milos Base

The Urn Base

Ruined House Section Base


We have also added the following scenics to the cart:

16th Century Renaissance Fountain

City Street Clock

Ornamental City clock

The Shrine

Square Well

Food Supplies 1

Food Supplies 2

Roadside Cross

Praying Madonna Statue

Hand Cart

Roadside Chapel


We have also restocked the Forest in a Pot and grass tuft items.


These can all be found in the online store here: