More Kickstarter Fulfillment!

   The holidays are fast approaching and so is the end of the fulfillment of all non-sculpting related pledges!  Danu and Bodbh look to be ready to be out of casting next month…BUT…because this is the holiday season we’ve decided to split up the remaining pledges rather than wait.  We want everyone to be able to enjoy their miniature goodness this holiday season, especially our international pledges where shipping can be delayed this time of year.   What that means for anyone who pledged, but hasn’t received their reward, is that everything in that pledge will ship out to you except the Danu and Bodbh.  When those have cleared casting, we will send them out separately.


As soon as Danu and Bodbh have been received and shipped, the next-to-last update will be posted, signifying that all pledges have been honored with the exception of one.  We are waiting for the sculpting and production stages for the 32mm and 54mm miniatures in that pledge.   Once those have been cast, received and posted to the pledger, we will make the last update that will officially close our Kickstarter sometime next year.   In the meantime, we will keep in touch with the final pledge to let him know the progress of his pledge.