Free Shipping Coupons & Offers Changed and Change in Shipping Rates



USPS has changed their shipping rates today.  All postage has gone up, but in the case of internationals, this has been an extreme change over the old postal rates.


A real example from this past week:  A first-class international package weighing 4.10 ounces sent to Great Britain & Northern Ireland cost $6.12 last week.   Now it costs $12.75


Because of this drastic price increase, we are no longer able to offer any form of free shipping discounts.  Our last free shipping coupon applied to 12.95 items, which I’m sure you can see from the example above, is not possible to continue.   As of now, all coupons for free shipping will no longer apply for free shipping.    However, since we promised Rich we would run the length of his Kickstarter with a $7.00 coupon code, we can continue honoring this promotion as a $7.00 discount code, the same price as our old flat rate shipping fee.  This means that if this coupon applies to you, you will be paying shipping, but it will be discounted by the value of the old shipping rate that was in effect when the coupon code first went into effect.  This discount will be automatically apply when you use the coupon code on our web cart and you will be paying the rest of the shipping costs.  All other conditions will apply such as you must be purchasing an unpainted Order of the Stick figure in your purchase, must have been a member of the Order of the Stick Kickstarter and must use the coupon code when checking out.  The choice was to completely discontinue any promotions completely or change the promotion.


Sometime within the next few days, flat rate shipping for all orders will be discontinued and replaced with shipping totals, based on weight, for each order.


I am sorry for any inconvenience, but USPS has made this a necessary change for our small store.