Behind the Licensed Line: Howard David Johnson

We’ve had quite a few folks ask us for some more information about the artist behind our licensed Howard David Johnson artwork line, so here you go!  🙂


Howard David Johnson created the artwork for our exclusive officially licensed miniatures 32mm and 54mm figures, 200mm busts and 1/8 scale figure lines and continues to work with us on new and exciting projects. His work has been exhibited in the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and published the world over in educational and fiction books and magazines as well as appearing in motion pictures and television shows and in cards, games, coins and more. He is an American illustrator trained in the natural sciences and history at the University of Texas, getting his start there as a scientific illustrator. Skilled in the old school methods including pencils, pastels and oils, David expanded into digital media to create his illustrations of fantasy, folklore, mythology, legend, religion, and heroic history.


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Howard David Johnson portrait