October Sale & Free Figure

   This October marks our sixth anniversary! This year we are going to try our anniversary release a little differently because of the health reasons. As I am unable to do a full proper release, I will include a free Halloween Ghost Trick-or-Treater in every order that is over $100.00 as of right now, while the supplies I have on hand last. This figure will not be released, or available outside of conventions until next year. This very cute figure was sculpted for us by Sandra Garrity and is cast in metal. We will also be running our anniversary sale until November 1st on select lines.  



No Shipping And Shipping Delay Dates.

Due to unavoidable surgery there will be no shipping from Monday September 19th through September 26th.   We will be shipping after September 26th, but please bear with us as shipping might be delayed by an extra day or two beyond normal.

JerseyFest Model Kit & Statue Fair

We are back from JerseyFest!  As always, this was a fantastic convention and loads of fun.   We also took a ton of pictures, so there are pictures of our booth, our miniature painting class, the other Friday classes, some of the demos, parties and the modeling contest.  Enjoy!

Off to JerseyFest!

We are headed to JerseyFest!  The miniature painting class is sold out, the stock is packed up and all that is left is to hit the road.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Any orders will ship after August 31st when we return.




Welsh Dragon Released!

  We have just released a new miniature for our Howard David Johnson line called the “Welsh Dragon” based off the artwork of the same name.   This white metal dragon was sculpted by the incredibly talented Sandra Garrity and is available now.  


Welsh Dragon


Welsh Dragon Size Comparison



Welsh Dragon Web Artwork


He can be found in the online cart here:



15% Off Sale

Caterpillar 4th 2016 2

I hope all our US friends had a wonderful 4th of July. Now that the fourth is past, Caterpillar must retire his hat for another year. He knows some of his special hats go up and as you can tell from the picture, he’s sad to see them go up. Thankfully his disappointment is short lived as I distract him by giving him his favorite hat until he wants to wear a different one.


Since we didn’t run a 4th sale this year, we are running a short sale from now until July 10th. So until Sunday, July 10th you can get 15% off 32mm, 54mm and busts in the Morland Studios line, the Order of the Stick line, the Nene Thomas line and the Howard David Johnson line.



Happy 4th of July from Morland Studios


Comparison of 54mm Aquamarine, Mermaid with Sea Accessory Sprues.

54mm AQ Sea Acc 1 54mm AQ Sea Acc 2 54mm AQ Sea Acc 3 54mm AQ Sea Acc 4 54mm AQ Sea Acc 5 54mm AQ Sea Acc 6 54mm AQ Sea Acc 7 54mm AQ Sea Acc 8 54mm AQ Sea Acc 9 54mm AQ Sea Acc 10 54mm AQ Sea Acc 11 54mm AQ Sea Acc 12

Nene Thomas Line 54mm Aquamarine, Mermaid Released!

This month we are releasing another figure for our Nene Thomas miniature line: the 54mm version of Aquamarine, Mermaid. Sculpted by Kevin Contos, she is now available in 54mm, 32mm and as a pendant or keychain. For those who love demi flats, the pendant or keychain is easily converted into a very detailed and cute demi flat.

Nene Aqu 54mm F



The 54mm version of Aquamarine, Mermaid can be found here:



The 32mm and pendant/keychain versions of Aquamarine, Mermaid can be found here:



If you wish to fancy up Aquamarine’s base, she is also compatible with our recently released sea accessories.



We will be vending at WonderFest in Louisville, Kentucky on June 4-5th. Please note that since we will be at WonderFest, any orders placed between May 27th and May 30th will ship when we return. More information on WonderFest can be found here:


New Pond & Oriental Accessories Released

We are pleased to announce a second wave of exciting releases for our accessory line. In the spirit of spring we are releasing some lovely accents to make any garden, pond, swamp or oriental base shine.  These accessories are designed to enhance your gaming or display bases with realistic scenery and provide the highest detail and quality possible. They are cast in metal to allow for maximum durability and are compatible with 25-54mm figures.


In this release we have:


Pond Accessories 1: one frog, one frog on rock, one turtle, one turtle on rock, one frog on lily pad, one medium lily pad, one small lily pad and one double lily pad.

MS Pond Accessories 1 WEB

Pond Accessories 2:  Two large koi, three medium koi, one small koi and two goldfish.

Pond Accessories 2 WEB

Oriental Accessories 1:  Two bonsai

Oriental Accessories 1 Bonsai WEB

Oriental Accessories 2: Four ornate lanterns

Oriental Accessories 2 WEB

Oriental Accessories 3: Chinese fish Bowl with two goldfish.

Oriental Accessories 3 WEB

Oriental Accessories 4: Bamboo water fountain

Oriental Accessories 4 WEB

The can be found in our store in the accessory section here:



For a size comparison of the accessory spues with a 32mm and 54mm figure see: