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Morland Studios 6th Anniversary Sale & Halloween Kid Release

This October marks Morland Studios 6th Anniversary!   To celebrate we are offering 15% off all orders until November 1st.   New to the cart is a 32mm scale Halloween Ghost Kid sculpted by Sandra Garrity.   The Halloween Kid can be found here:

A New Large Base, New Discount Plinths and a Restock on the Jewel of Dakkidia

  By popular request, I have added on some of our square, round, octagon and raised plinths to the discount plinth section of our store.  Those can be found here:   Also new, is a garage kit / large figure round base with rectangular stones.    It can be found here:   […]

October Sale & Free Figure

   This October marks our sixth anniversary! This year we are going to try our anniversary release a little differently because of the health reasons. As I am unable to do a full proper release, I will include a free Halloween Ghost Trick-or-Treater in every order that is over $100.00 as of right now, while […]

15% Off Sale

I hope all our US friends had a wonderful 4th of July. Now that the fourth is past, Caterpillar must retire his hat for another year. He knows some of his special hats go up and as you can tell from the picture, he’s sad to see them go up. Thankfully his disappointment is short […]

New Pond & Oriental Accessories Released

We are pleased to announce a second wave of exciting releases for our accessory line. In the spirit of spring we are releasing some lovely accents to make any garden, pond, swamp or oriental base shine.  These accessories are designed to enhance your gaming or display bases with realistic scenery and provide the highest detail […]

Size Comparisons Of Pond & Oriental Accessories with 32mm & 54mm Figures.


Sea Accessories Now Available!

This month we are expanding our accessory range with six sets of sea accessories, for a total of twelve new spues.. These accessories are designed to enhance your gaming or display bases with realistic scenery and provide the highest detail and quality possible both on the surface of a base or inside a water scene. […]

Size Comparison’s of Sea Accessory Sets With 32mm & 54mm Figures.


JerseyFest was, as always, a wonderful time!  One of our students for the Friday night miniature class, Devin, was kind enough to share his photos of his finished Sybil, Steampunk Lady bust.   Thank you for sharing Devin!  

Three New Hollow Bases Released.

This month we are expanding our base line with three new releases: 32mm Hollow Round Bases 25mm Hollow Square Bases 32mm Hollow Square Bases We have also restocked our popular 30mm Hollow Round Bases.   As always, all of our high quality bases are cast in strong black resin and affordably priced at 3.50 per […]