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Soon to be Retired Miniatures.

  As a “heads up” several of our figures are getting low on stock and will not be recast. When they are sold out they will be discontinued, so if you wanted a copy now is the time to pick one up.   We are now down to 37 copies of our 32mm Limited Edition […]

More February Releases!

  This month we are having two sets of releases!  Earlier in the month we released a Howard David Johnson line 54mm Justita, Roman Goddess of Justice and nine new 30mm bases. For the second wave of releases this month we have: Bodbh, the Goddess of War & Death. Bodbh is a 54mm figure based […]

Hollow Bases Released!

This month we are releasing the first set of bases for our Morland Studios line. These hollow bases are a re-launch of the original hollow bases we produced as “Valloa’s Vale” back in the 1990’s. As they were our most popular base, it is fitting that they be the first to be improved and released! […]

October Anniversary Release!

This October, Morland Studios marks our fourth anniversary! To celebrate, we are releasing our fourth anniversary figure Nemesis, Greek Goddess of Justice!   Nemesis was sculpted by the super talented Kevin Contos and is a 32mm figure. She also comes with a metal version of our new upcoming base designs. Coming soon to a Kickstarter […]

September Figure Releases!

This month we are releasing seven figures. The first two are from the Howard David Johnson artwork line. Both are based on the same artwork “Poor Cinderella”   First up is the metal 32mm Poor Cinderella sculpted by Kevin Contos.   Next is the resin 1/6th scale (approx. 12 inches tall) version of poor Cinderella, […]

Three New Releases for January!

We hope everyone had a wonderful, fun and safe holiday season and a Happy New Year! This month we are releasing three new figures.  A bust, a 54mm figure and a 32mm figure. First up is Gargil, a Dwarven Bust sculpted by Olivier Bouchet.  Gargil is 50mm high and cast in high quality resin. Our […]

Morland Studios October Release: Demon Bust

  Our release for this month is demon bust sculpted by Olivier Bouchet.   Cast in metal, this bust measures approximately 45mm from the base of the figure to the top of the head (not including horns) and approximately 63.5mm from the bottom of the bust to the tip of the horns.   He can be […]

Gen Con and More August Releases!

    We will be attending Gen Con on August 15th-18th in the Entrepreneurs’ Avenue at booth number 1449.  The Entrepreneurs’ Avenue will be located next to the Authors’ Avenue in the Exhibitor’s Hall.   Releasing over the Gen Con weekend will be our August Order Of the Stick releases.   On August 15th we will release […]

Morland Studios August Release: Odette, Swan Maiden

Our first release for this month is a second Swan Maiden to join our popular Odila, Swan Maiden miniature.  Odette, Swan Maiden is 32mm and was sculpted by Julie Guthrie.     She can be found in our online store

Morland Studios June Release, Painted OOTS Figures Restocked & GoH Sale

This month we are releasing our Cowboy bust.  The Cowboy is cast in resin and is 50mm tall. He was sculpted by Olivier Bouchet.     For those of you who admire or have a hard time finding the Guild of Harmony miniatures, all of the GoH miniatures, including their Limited Editions, are now on […]