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15% Off Sale

I hope all our US friends had a wonderful 4th of July. Now that the fourth is past, Caterpillar must retire his hat for another year. He knows some of his special hats go up and as you can tell from the picture, he’s sad to see them go up. Thankfully his disappointment is short […]

Soon to be Retired Miniatures.

  As a “heads up” several of our figures are getting low on stock and will not be recast. When they are sold out they will be discontinued, so if you wanted a copy now is the time to pick one up.   We are now down to 37 copies of our 32mm Limited Edition […]

New Order of the Stick Assembly & Paint Guides Posted

The assembly and paint guides for the latest Order of the Stick miniatures are now posted under the “Order of the Stick Assembly & Paint Guide” pages on the left of the main Morland Studios page.  Or you can find them by clicking the links below.   O’Chul   The Monster In The Darkness […]

Holiday Sale & November Order Of the Stick Releases

  From midnight on November 29th through midnight on December 2nd we will have 20% off all Morland Studios 32mm, 54mm, Busts, Scenics, Howard David Johnson Line, Order of the Stick and the painted Order of the Stick lines. This is our last sale of the year, so if you are on the fence about […]

OOTS Adventure Game

    So you have the Order of the Stick Miniatures and wonder what to do with them.  While they are awesome just for displaying around the house, work desk or as gifts, they can also be useful if you have the board game from Ookoodook.  They are sturdy enough to be used as replacement […]

November Thanksgiving Sale & New OOTS Releases!

    We will be running our last sale of the year from midnight on Black Friday November 29th through midnight on Cyber Monday December 2nd.  This sale will consist of 20% off ALL Morland Studios lines.  This includes our 32mm, 54mm, Busts, Scenics, Howard David Johnson Line, Order of the Stick Line and painted […]

Gen Con and More August Releases!

    We will be attending Gen Con on August 15th-18th in the Entrepreneurs’ Avenue at booth number 1449.  The Entrepreneurs’ Avenue will be located next to the Authors’ Avenue in the Exhibitor’s Hall.   Releasing over the Gen Con weekend will be our August Order Of the Stick releases.   On August 15th we will release […]

Morland Studios June Release, Painted OOTS Figures Restocked & GoH Sale

This month we are releasing our Cowboy bust.  The Cowboy is cast in resin and is 50mm tall. He was sculpted by Olivier Bouchet.     For those of you who admire or have a hard time finding the Guild of Harmony miniatures, all of the GoH miniatures, including their Limited Editions, are now on […]

Order of the Stick – Haley Starshine & Elan the Bard

      We are proud to announce the  next two releases in our Officially Licensed miniature line, The Order of the Stick, Haley Starshine and Elan the Bard!   Haley Starshine is a 32mm resin and metal figure with customizable accessories.  She consists of a body (resin), arms, legs, bow, arrow, ponytail and a plain […]

Two New Order Of the Stick Releases Coming in April

   The next Order of the Stick release will be on Friday,  April 19th.   This will be our last Order of the Stick release until GenCon on August 15th.  We will be releasing several OOTS miniatures as well as a Limited Edition set over the GenCon weekend.  We will release more details as we get […]