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Painted Order of the Stick Figures

  Due to multiple requests for painted Order of the Stick figures, I have added an option for a limited amount of painted Order of the Stick figures to the Morland Studios web cart.    If there is enough demand for them, they will be restocked as time to make them allows.   The figure will […]

Order of the Stick – Belkar Bitterleaf & Mr. Scruffy!

We are proud to announce our second release in our Officially Licensed miniature line, The Order of the Stick, Belkar Bitterleaf and Mr. Scruffy!   Belkar Bitterleaf is a 32mm resin and metal figure consisting of a body (resin), arms, legs, daggers, eyebrow (metal) and a plain plastic base.  Belkar has an eyebrow option that […]

Order Of The Stick Teaser 3!

Here is the last and final teaser for the Order of the Stick figure that will be releasing January 11th. Hint:  This figure doesn’t travel alone.  

Order of the Stick Roy Greenhilt Restocked.

We’ve restocked Roy in the web cart.    

Order of the Stick January Release Teaser 2!

This figure will release on Friday, January 11th.  

New Order Of The Stick Figure Releasing in January!

Our second release of the month will be a new Order of the Stick miniature!  We will show you three teasers leading up to the formal announcement and release on Friday, January 11th.   Today is the first teaser.   The teasers can be viewed on our website (, our facebook page ( or on […]

OOTS Roy Greenhilt Assembly & Painting Guide.

I have added a new page to the sidebar on the left of our site, Order of the Stick Assemby & Painting Guides.  This section will house online copies of all the tips, instructions and painting information for each Order of the Stick figure as they are released.  As of now, Roy’s is available for […]

Additional Information About Roy

   With the volume of orders that are coming in,  you can expect to see your shipping notice emails approx. 24 hours after your package has shipped.  We strive to get packages shipped as soon as possible.   Our caster is currently casting up a restock batch of Roys.  I expect those to be in […]

Order Of The Stick Roy Greenhilt Released!!

We are proud to announce our new Officially Licensed miniature line, The Order of the Stick!  The Order of the Stick is an award winning humorous web comic that parodies D&D, role-playing games and medieval fantasy.   If you are unfamiliar with OOTS you are missing a real treat.  The online comic can be found at: […]