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Morland Studios Launches Howard David Johnson Line

 We are proud to announce the launch of our officially licensed miniature line based on the artwork of Howard David Johnson.  These incredibly detailed works of art are being produced by us as incredibly detailed miniatures.  The first release in this line is “Kreimheld’s Revenge”.  She has been masterfully sculpted by Sebastian Archer in 32mm […]

Lots of New Scenics Items Added to the Store

We have added a lot of new scenic and basing products to our online store this month. A sampling of the new products is below.  These include (but are not limited to):   Carpets on real cloth Tapestries on real cloth Religious stained glass windows. Historical stained glass windows.   Realistic marble and wood flooring. […]

Cease & Desist Copy Coolminiornot (CMoN)

Cease & Desist Copy Historic Art/Nocturna Miniatures