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Free Shipping Coupons & Offers Changed and Change in Shipping Rates

    USPS has changed their shipping rates today.  All postage has gone up, but in the case of internationals, this has been an extreme change over the old postal rates.   A real example from this past week:  A first-class international package weighing 4.10 ounces sent to Great Britain & Northern Ireland cost $6.12 […]

Painted Order of the Stick Figures

  Due to multiple requests for painted Order of the Stick figures, I have added an option for a limited amount of painted Order of the Stick figures to the Morland Studios web cart.    If there is enough demand for them, they will be restocked as time to make them allows.   The figure will […]

Order of the Stick – Belkar Bitterleaf & Mr. Scruffy!

We are proud to announce our second release in our Officially Licensed miniature line, The Order of the Stick, Belkar Bitterleaf and Mr. Scruffy!   Belkar Bitterleaf is a 32mm resin and metal figure consisting of a body (resin), arms, legs, daggers, eyebrow (metal) and a plain plastic base.  Belkar has an eyebrow option that […]

Order Of The Stick Teaser 3!

Here is the last and final teaser for the Order of the Stick figure that will be releasing January 11th. Hint:  This figure doesn’t travel alone.  

Order of the Stick Roy Greenhilt Restocked.

We’ve restocked Roy in the web cart.    

Order of the Stick January Release Teaser 2!

This figure will release on Friday, January 11th.  

New Order Of The Stick Figure Releasing in January!

Our second release of the month will be a new Order of the Stick miniature!  We will show you three teasers leading up to the formal announcement and release on Friday, January 11th.   Today is the first teaser.   The teasers can be viewed on our website (, our facebook page ( or on […]

Werewolf Bust Released!

  We have released our Werewolf bust, sculpted by Olivier Bouchet.  The werewolf bust stands 60mm high and is cast in high quality resin.   He can be found in our online store here:    

More Kickstarter Fulfillment!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun and safe holiday season and Happy New Year!!! All pledges that contained a Danu and Bodbh have been mailed! This will be our next to last Kickstarter Update as all pledges except the one that requires sculpting have been fulfilled as of this update. We want to thank […]