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Morland Studios June Release, Painted OOTS Figures Restocked & GoH Sale

This month we are releasing our Cowboy bust.  The Cowboy is cast in resin and is 50mm tall. He was sculpted by Olivier Bouchet.     For those of you who admire or have a hard time finding the Guild of Harmony miniatures, all of the GoH miniatures, including their Limited Editions, are now on […]

Now Carrying Kraftmark Putties

We are now carrying Kraftmark’s excellent line of putties.   These include: ProCreate, a new generation of epoxy putty formulated specifically for the professional artist to create original miniature sculptors.  It has a fine, non-grainy consistency that makes it easy to mix, sculpt, smooth and allows for extremely fine detail.   Stick Putty, a pre-measured, ready […]