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Happy Halloween!

    We are not “lion” when we wish everyone out there a Happy and Treat-filled Halloween from all of us at Morland Studios and from Caterpillar, our studio cat!   From repeated requests, as well as a Halloween treat for our Order of the Stick fans, we have listed a suggested paint list to […]

October Anniversary Release!

This October, Morland Studios marks our fourth anniversary! To celebrate, we are releasing our fourth anniversary figure Nemesis, Greek Goddess of Justice!   Nemesis was sculpted by the super talented Kevin Contos and is a 32mm figure. She also comes with a metal version of our new upcoming base designs. Coming soon to a Kickstarter […]

New Order of the Stick Assembly & Paint Guides Posted

The assembly and paint guides for the latest Order of the Stick miniatures are now posted under the “Order of the Stick Assembly & Paint Guide” pages on the left of the main Morland Studios page.  Or you can find them by clicking the links below.   O’Chul   The Monster In The Darkness […]

Restocks on Popular Groundwork Matterials

We have restocked the Green Line Grass Tufts, Juweela Bricks, Forest-In-A-Pot, Nature-In-A Pot as well as other items in our basing and ground work section.     We have also restocked Reality in Scales Stained Glass Windows, Tapestries on Real Cloth and added various other restocks to our scenics and accessories section. […]

Box Breaking Video Posted by Through Gamer Goggles

Through Gamer Goggles has posted a wonderful box opening video of our upcoming release:  Nemesis, Greek Goddess.   Nemesis is our 4th Anniversary miniature and a few copies were available as a pre-release at Gen Con this year.   She will be released later this month.   The video can be viewed at: