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Hollow Bases Released!

This month we are releasing the first set of bases for our Morland Studios line. These hollow bases are a re-launch of the original hollow bases we produced as “Valloa’s Vale” back in the 1990’s. As they were our most popular base, it is fitting that they be the first to be improved and released! […]

Modular Miniature Base Stackers & Display Plinths Kickstarter Fulfillement Completed.

  Thank you to each and every one of you that supported our project.  We have been able to fulfill and ship all pledges very ahead of schedule.   Thank you for your continued support and happy modeling & painting!   Morland Studios  

New Kickstarter for Modular Miniature Base Stackers & Display Plinths

Morland Studios has launched our second Kickstarter and we need your help!   Morland Studios wants to help you take your display and gaming bases to the next level with the patent pending Morland Studios Stackers basing system! Our patent-pending Stacker system is designed to provide a high quality, highly customizable, basing system at a […]