Gen Con and More August Releases!

    We will be attending Gen Con on August 15th-18th in the Entrepreneurs’ Avenue at booth number 1449.  The Entrepreneurs’ Avenue will be located next to the Authors’ Avenue in the Exhibitor’s Hall.


Releasing over the Gen Con weekend will be our August Order Of the Stick releases.   On August 15th we will release the following THREE sets:


Durkon Thundershield!   Durkon comes with a body, arm sprue, leg sprue, hammer, two shield options and a plain plastic base.  Durkon is customizable with multiple accessories.  He can be posed with or without his hammer and with his shield on his back or arm or with no hammer/shield at all.   Durkon also comes with an extra leg and arm on the leg and arm sprues.

Durkon with Hammer  Durkon With Shield


Vaarsuvius!   Vaarsuvius comes with a body, arm sprue, eyebrow, ponytail, leg sprue, two Blackwings, and two plain plastic bases.    Vaarsuvius can be posed with Blackwing perching on his arm or with a flying Blackwing on his own base.  Vaarsuvius also comes with an extra leg on the leg sprue.


Vaarsuvius and Blackwing

Vaarsuvius with Perching and Flying Blackwings

Vaarsuvius with Perching and Flying Blackwings

With these two releases, we now have the complete Order of the Stick in miniature!  As such, you will now have the option to order the full set, instead of just the individual figures via the web cart or at Gen Con.  The price will be the same as ordering the figures individually, but will allow you to buy the full set with one click instead of having to add all six to your cart individually.


In addition, we are also releasing our first Order of the Stick: Limited Edition set Xykon & Zombie Dragon!   This set will be strictly limited to 1000 copies and is cast in high quality resin and metal.  This means that when the 1000 copies have sold out, there will not be anymore offered for sale or made, in this material combination or a different one.  Xykon & the Zombie Dragon was designed with ease of assembly in mind and stability.  This is arguably the easiest to assemble multiple part dragon on the market.  I have assembled lots of dragons over the years and this one is by far the easiest multi-part dragon that I have assembled.  The head and tail interlock with the body and do not require pinning.  The wings are also socketed and do not require pinning to be handled.   Xykon & the Zombie Dragon set is true to the scale of the comics and comes with Xykon, arm sprue, leg sprue, cape,  2 dragon halves, 2 dragon wings, 2 horns, 2 bit pieces, head, tail,  metal wire for the Zombie Dragon reigns, acrylic rods for the flight base, and a two piece castle wall base. The Xykon arm and leg sprue each come with an extra arm/leg.  The included castle display base is large enough to add figures too, should anyone wish to recreate the scene where the Zombie dragon attacked those defending Azure City.


I will have around 200 copies of Xykon & his Zombie Dragon available at our Gen Con booth and this set will be available online as a pre-order on August 15th, but will ship by October or earlier.  When all copies are sold out, there will not be any more available.     This set will cost $ 170.00 plus shipping in the web cart and $ 185.00 at the con, due to taxes.  Roy is shown in the pictures to show the size of the set, but is not included, nor is the wooden plinth.


There will not be any painted versions of Xykon & his Zombie Dragon available in the cart.      I will do a small number of private commission paint jobs for this figure.  The cost will be 250.00 plus shipping.  This is in addition to the cost of the dragon and you must have already bought a dragon. Any inquires can be made via our contact form on the web site or through morlandstudios at yahoo dot com.


Xykon Set Front

Xykon Set Left Side

Xykon Set Right Side

Because we will be at Gen Con on the 14th of August, these items will automatically become live in the cart at midnight Eastern Standard Time as August 14th rolls over to the 15th.


All of the OOTS figures will be available here on the 15th:



Order of the Stick Miniatures
Order of the Stick Painted Miniatures



The assembly and painting guides will be put on the web site after we return from Gen Con and catch up with shipping out orders.  For those who wish to buy paint before then, the colors used for each figure are:


Durkon Thundershield:
Privateer Press P3 Thamar Black (blacks/belt buckle/rivets)
Privateer Press P3 Beast Hide (beard)
Privateer Press P3 Battle Dress Green (belt/shield straps)
Privateer Press P3 Gun Corps Brown (hammer handle)
Reaper Master Series Bright SKin (skin)
Reaper Master Series Cloudy Grey (floor tiles)
Reaper Master Series Misty Grey (armor)
Reaper Master Series Rainy Grey (armor strip/hammer head/armpads/shield
Reaper Master Series Lemon Yellow (necklace)
Reaper Master Series Jade Green (stone in necklace)


Privateer Press P3 Thamar Black  (blacks)
Privateer Press P3 Beaten Purple (hair)
Privateer Press P3 Skorne Red (cloak)
Privateer Press P3 Morrow White (Blackwing eyes)
Privateer Press P3  (skin) Ryn Flesh
Reaper Master Series Cloudy Grey (floor tiles)
Reaper Master Series Lemon Yellow (cloak clasp)
Reaper Master Series Bone Shadow (belt)
Reaper Master Series Burnt Orange (Blackwing beak & feet)


Xykon & his Zombie Dragon:
Privateer Press P3 Thamar Black (blacks)
Privateer Press P3 Morrow White (Xykon bone)
Privateer Press P3 Exile Blue (Xykon Robe)
Reaper Master Series Misty Grey (Dragon Body)
Reaper Master Series Sunset Purple (patches on Dragon body)
Reaper Master Series Amethyst Purple (cuts on Dragon body)
Reaper Master Series Desert Sand (dragon bones/horns/claws)
Reaper Master Series Pale Olive (dragon bone cuts/horn damage/wing membrane)
Reaper Master Series HD Entrail Pink (dragon eyes)
Reaper Master Series Palomino Gold (dragon reigns)
Reaper Master Series Fire Red (Xykon Cape)
Reaper Master Series Magma Red (Xykon eyes)
Reaper Master Series Lemon Yellow (Xykon Belt)
Reaper Master Series HD Dragon Blue (castle wall floor)
Reaper Master Series Snow Shadow (castle wall sides)
Reaper Master Series Ghost White (castle wall tops)


I have been asked if we are charging tax at the Gen Con.  We are required to, but to make it easier for all,  our displayed Gen Con prices will include the tax.


Also releasing over the Gen Con weekend is one convention-only miniature.  Shar, The Traveler will be available at Gen Con and online as a Convention-only miniature.  She is cast in resin and limited to 300 copies.  Sculpted by Patrick Keith, she will be available while we are at Gen Con from August 15th-18th, or until sold out.


Shar, The Travler

Shar will be available here on the 15th:

Webcart to Shar


Our booth will also have eight new pre-lease figures not mentioned above available to the Con-goers.  One is a new Howard David Johnson line figure and the other seven are Morland Studios line.   These figures include four busts, one 54mm miniatures, two 32mm miniatures and our first very large scale figure.   These pre-releases will be available only at conventions, and not online,  until their release dates.


To help celebrate Cosplay at Gen Con, we will give a free OOTS miniature (our choice) to the first person who comes to our booth in the best OOTS costume for the character that they are dressed as.  In return, we will ask for a photo of each winner for our website.


We are also participating in Gen Con’s/Cheese Weasels Quest Game, ConQuest Basic Game.  This is very much like a scavenger/activity hunt through the Dealer’s/Exhibitor’s hall.   To play, visit the Cheese Weasel booth and sign up for the game.  By playing the game you and 2000 others get to have some fun and are eligible for their prize drawings.     Morland Studios has donated Order of the Stick miniatures and copies of our 54mm Kreimhild’s Revenge miniatures to the prize pools.


Because we are attending Gen Con, the cart will be accepting orders, but any orders placed after Wednesday August 7th will ship after we return on August 20th.        It is also unlikely that I will be able to answer any email inquiries placed from August 10th through the 20th, until the 21th.


If you are attending Gen Con stop on by, we look forward to seeing you!