Holiday Sale & November Order Of the Stick Releases


From midnight on November 29th through midnight on December 2nd we will have 20% off all Morland Studios 32mm, 54mm, Busts, Scenics, Howard David Johnson Line, Order of the Stick and the painted Order of the Stick lines. This is our last sale of the year, so if you are on the fence about picking up any figures, now is a good time to do so and save some extra money for the holidays.



We have released two new Order of the Stick miniatures!


You can’t have the Order without some of the bad guys, so our first release is Xykon!


Xykon Final Front

Xykon Final Back

Our second release for this month is a variant on Vaarsuvius.  He/she sports their earlier hair style and circlet.  This version of Vaarsuvius is strictly limited to 1050 copies, which means once he is sold out there will be no other copies available.   Vaarsuvius is also customizable with choice of empty hands, a perching Blackwing or a flying Blackwing.  As an extra bonus, this Limited Edition figure will be priced the same as the regular Vaarsuvius figure.


V Perching Blackwing Final

LTD V FH Final

V perching blackwing back final


Both can be found in our online store here: