Gen Con 2014



We will be attending Gen Con from August 14-17 in Indianapolis, IN!


We will be located in booth 1456, near Games Workshop.  If you need a copy of the exhibit hall map, you can find a copy here:


New at our booth in Gen Con will be four newly released Order of the Stick Miniatures:


The Monster In the Darkness & Demon Roaches


Redcloak  or Hobgoblin Cleric

Hobgoblin Warrior


We will also have small supplies of the following pre-releases for our other lines available at Gen Con:


Howard David Johnson Line 1/6th scale (approx 12 inches tall) Poor Cinderella

Howard David Johnson Line 32mm Poor Cinderella
Howard David Johnson Line 54mm Danu
Howard David Johnson Line 54mm Bodbh, Goddess of War and Death
Howard David Johnson Line 54mm Justitia, Roman Goddess of Justice
Howard David Johnson Line 54mm Halith

Morland Studios Line 32mm Brynhilde, Swan Maiden
Morland Studios Line 32mm Nemesis, Greek Goddess
Morland Studios Bust Line Orchid Fairy
Morland Studios Wing Bits
Morland Studios Coin Piles Bits
Morland Studios Mini Bust Chard CV
Morland Studios Mini Bust Kelly
Morland Studios Mini Bust The Giant Killer
Morland Studios Mini Bust Bookworm
Morland Studios Mini Bust Queen



Please note that because we are attending Gen Con, any orders placed between August 7th and Wednesday August 19th will ship when we return from Gen Con.


Hope to see you there!