Hollow Bases Released!

This month we are releasing the first set of bases for our Morland Studios line. These hollow bases are a re-launch of the original hollow bases we produced as “Valloa’s Vale” back in the 1990’s. As they were our most popular base, it is fitting that they be the first to be improved and released!


Our bases are meant to be a low cost, high quality basing option for both gaming and display figures and are compatible with most gaming systems.


These hollows are wonderful for basing figures with integral bases without needing to remove the base. Simply glue the figure into the base, add a little bit of groundwork and your model is ready to go! They also work wonders for containing water effects in an easy, mess-free way that maintains a lovely presentation and without risking injury to yourself, a base or a model in trying to modify a plastic base to hold water effects. They are also cast in quality black resin for further options.


Our hollow bases have an improved rim that allows for an easier grip on the base and is easy to pick up off the table or move around a gaming board without risking damaging your model or your paint job, all while maintaining the same visual aesthetic of popular game system style bases.


For the first round of Hollow base releases we are releasing them in the following sizes:

19mm (x5 for 3.50)

23mm (x5 for 3.50)

30mm (x5 for 3.50)

34mm (x5 for 3.50)

40mm (x5 for 4.50)

42mm (x5 for 4.50)

50mm (x5 for 5.50)

55mm (x5 for 5.50)

30mm hollow base

55mm Hollow Bases

19mm hollow base


They can be found here: