More February Releases!


This month we are having two sets of releases!  Earlier in the month we released a Howard David Johnson line 54mm Justita, Roman Goddess of Justice and nine new 30mm bases.

For the second wave of releases this month we have:

Bodbh, the Goddess of War & Death. Bodbh is a 54mm figure based on the artwork “Bodbh” by Howard David Johnson.

MS Bodbh web

We also have a 54mm Danu. Danu is also from our Howard David Johnson line.


MS Danu Web

Next is the fourth Swan Maiden in our 32mm Swan Maiden series. Brynhildr, Swan Maiden

MS Swan Maiden Bryn

Lastly, we have two Elven Adventurers.

Male Elf Adventurer

MS Cer Elf

Female Elf Adventurer

MS Elil Elf