Romantic Fantasy Artist Nene Thomas Miniatures Line Launches!

We are very proud to announce the launch of our new licensed line: Nene Thomas Miniatures!


This line will include 32mm, 54mm, busts as well as pendants and keychains, all based on the artwork of romantic fantasy artist Nene Thomas.


Our first release is from her artwork “Myerasalome, Queen of Havoc”. Myerasalome is available as a 32mm miniature, a 54mm miniature, a keychain or a pendant.  All of these are available in lead free pewter.

32mm Myerasalome, Queen of Havoc


The 32mm version can be found here.


54mm Myerasalome Queen of Havoc Plain Hand Option

54mm Myerasalome Queen of Havoc

The 54mm version comes with two different hand choices and can be found here.


Myerasalome, Queen of Havoc Keychain


The keychain is finished pewter.


Myerasalome, Queen of Havoc Pendant

The pendant is made from solid finished pewter and can be found here.