Three New Hollow Bases Released.

This month we are expanding our base line with three new releases:

32mm Hollow Round Bases
25mm Hollow Square Bases
32mm Hollow Square Bases

25mm square 32mm round 32mm Square base

We have also restocked our popular 30mm Hollow Round Bases.


As always, all of our high quality bases are cast in strong black resin and affordably priced at 3.50 per pack of 5 bases.


Our hollow bases are wonderful for basing figures with integral bases without needing to remove the base or expanding the bases of figures already mounted on smaller sized bases. Simply glue the figure into the base, add a little bit of groundwork and your model is ready to go! At approx. 3mm deep, these hollow bases will accommodate most figures with small or large integral bases. The new improved rim also works wonders for containing water effects in an easy, mess-free way that maintains a lovely presentation of your figure without risking injury to yourself, a base or a model in trying to modify a plastic base to hold water effects.


They can be found here:


Our 4th of July sale will be ending Monday, so this is the last chance to get 20% off select lines.