Caterpillar, The Morland Studios Cat

Most of you have seen the pictures we post of our studio cat, Caterpillar. So for those who have inquired why we post pictures of him in costumes, here is the reason why.


Caterpillar is a shelter rescue, Caterpillar and his sister were two of several cats and kittens rescued from a shelter that was closing down without trying to relocate the feline animals they had.  Caterpillar was very sick and very young, just barely old enough to be weaned.  He was not only struggling with food, but was having constant horrible diarrhea and dehydration.  We named him CATapiller not just because of the pun, but because his little bottom was so raw, even with medication, that he could only walk with his little bottom curled up and moved like a wooly bear caterpillar.  Since he was a long haired brown cat, he looked just like one, so we named him Caterpillar.


After a week or two, he was gaining weight and fluffed out.  He got to play for about a week as a normal fluffy kitten before he got sick again.  This time it was his eye.  His eye lid started to swell and continued to get worse despite multiple vet trips and medication.  The eye had gotten so incredibly swollen that we couldn’t see the eye.  Both his regular vets and the emergency vets thought he would lose the eye.  We were encouraged to consider putting him to sleep because of his age at once because they thought he would lose the eye.  When we declined that option, the emergency vet commented, “Well, I guess a one eyed cat is still a good pet”.  They were reluctant to offer any treatment options because of the strong possibility he would lose the eye.  We insisted and started him on a long battery of antibiotics, serum treatments, etc.  We also had to have him in a collar to protect the eye from his paws and little hats to protect the eye inside the collar from getting anything in it and to shelter it from any breezes or debris.


It took a very long time but he recovered completely and as you can see from the pictures we post, he has two healthy eyes and grew into a healthy cat.  One of the hold overs from this is he loved to wear “hats” but HATES having anything pointed at him as he thinks he’s going to get blood drawn, tested, or poked.  He gets to wear them when he wants (yes, he quite often to begs to wears them) in the studio rooms where the other cats won’t steal his hat off his head.  So while he has a collection of kitty and dog costume hats that he loves and begs to wear,  its very hard to take pictures of him being happy while wearing his hats because he hates the camera or even a phone pointing at him.


Here is a shot of him in his new, larger sized, Santa Hat.


2015 merry xmas final