Lots of New Scenics Items Added to the Store

We have added a lot of new scenic and basing products to our online store this month.

A sampling of the new products is below.  These include (but are not limited to):


Carpets on real cloth

Tapestries on real cloth

Religious stained glass windows.

Historical stained glass windows.


Realistic marble and wood flooring.

Small Statues


Paintings on canvas


Pub Signs

Manhole covers

Street Lamps

Ice chunks


Dark Forest groundwork

Autumn Forest scatter

More types of forest scatter

Powdered Snow

Wet Snow

Mud-in-a-pot series

Laser cut oak leaves

Laser cut leaves

Various kinds of laser etched plants and foliage.

Grass strips.

Grass tufts!

 There are also more similar products and color variations on some of those listed above added to the store.

All of these new products can be found in our “Scenics & Accessories” and “Basing and Groundwork” sections of the web cart.