New Pond & Oriental Accessories Released

We are pleased to announce a second wave of exciting releases for our accessory line. In the spirit of spring we are releasing some lovely accents to make any garden, pond, swamp or oriental base shine.  These accessories are designed to enhance your gaming or display bases with realistic scenery and provide the highest detail and quality possible. They are cast in metal to allow for maximum durability and are compatible with 25-54mm figures.


In this release we have:


Pond Accessories 1: one frog, one frog on rock, one turtle, one turtle on rock, one frog on lily pad, one medium lily pad, one small lily pad and one double lily pad.

MS Pond Accessories 1 WEB

Pond Accessories 2:  Two large koi, three medium koi, one small koi and two goldfish.

Pond Accessories 2 WEB

Oriental Accessories 1:  Two bonsai

Oriental Accessories 1 Bonsai WEB

Oriental Accessories 2: Four ornate lanterns

Oriental Accessories 2 WEB

Oriental Accessories 3: Chinese fish Bowl with two goldfish.

Oriental Accessories 3 WEB

Oriental Accessories 4: Bamboo water fountain

Oriental Accessories 4 WEB

The can be found in our store in the accessory section here:


For a size comparison of the accessory spues with a 32mm and 54mm figure see: