Update to Our Kickstarter Project!

We are a little ways into our Kickstarter and it’s going well, so we have posted up the stretch goals (with artwork and one green) for folks to look at.


Since this is a Morland Studios project, we are now offering several of our unreleased figures as new pledge levels (or add-ons for your current level) for the backers of this project.


These new figures are:

Three new Swan Maidens, Oski, Brynhildr & Odette.

A werewolf bust

Katherine, Elegant Lady Bust with Two Ribbon Options


By request, we have also added the 32mm Medb set as an add-on option to existing pledges.  We also added Shar, The Traveler to several pledge levels.  She’s a 54mm resin promotional figure.


You can see the new pledge levels, artwork and figures on the front page of our Kickstarter project here: