Last Update to Our Kickstarter Project

As we reach the last four days of our Kickstarter, I have one last update for folks.


I have received word from my caster that the 54mm Kreimhild sets will be finished with the casting and ready to ship at the end of the Kickstarter campaign! This means that any set with just a 54mm Kreimhild, 32mm metal or resin Kreimhild (or any combo of those) will ship out immediately after Kickstarter finishes it’s post campaign processing.    The 54mm Kreimhild set She will be a high quality resin and metal set, with her body in resin and the shield/helm and spear in metal.


I have also received some awesome work in progress pictures of the 54mm Justitia from Sebastian.  I am completely blown away with the quality of his sculpting on this piece and think that it is the best figure he’s done to date.   This figure is part of our Kickstarter as a stretch goal.  Should we reach the 10,000 mark, every backer at the 36.00 level or more will receive a copy of Justitia for free.



Our Kickstarter can be found here: