Additional Information About Roy

   With the volume of orders that are coming in,  you can expect to see your shipping notice emails approx. 24 hours after your package has shipped.  We strive to get packages shipped as soon as possible.


Our caster is currently casting up a restock batch of Roys.  I expect those to be in hand and in the cart next week.


Sometime this week, Friday at the latest, I will post a tutorial on the Morland Studios website on how to assemble and paint Roy.   This will be a useful reference for those who are either not familiar with miniatures or wants a list of the specific paints that are a match for Roy’s color scheme in the comics.


For anyone wishing to order paints while their Roy is in shipping, the paints used were:


Reaper Master Series 9231  Heather Blue
Reaper MSP 29814 Ice Blue
Reaper MSP 29826 Desert Tan
Reaper Master Series 9012 Pale Green
Reaper Master Series 9228 Viper Green
Reaper Master Series9011 Leaf Green
Reaper Master Series 9038 Rainy Grey
Reaper Master Series.  9030 Leather Brown
Privateer Press P3 Beast Hide
Privateer Press P3 Marrow White
Privateer Press P3 Thamar Black
Vallejo Game Colors White Primer
Testors Dull Coat Sealer


If you do not have a local game store that carries these, there are several places to get them online.  Both Reaper Miniatures and Privateer Press carry their own lines online at full retail price.  There are also several excellent web stores with good service like Neal at who stocks both of these lines of paint at a discount.