Durkon Thundershield Guide

Odds are, if you are reading this, you already know what The Order of the Stick is.   If you are unfamiliar with The Order Of The Stick, it is an award winning web comic created and drawn by Rich Burlew that parodies D&D, role-playing games and medieval fantasy.


For this guide, I am assuming you have also read the OOTS Cleaning, Preparation & General Painting Information Guide.  If not, I would suggest reading it as it contains a lot of basic information useful for each and every Order of the Stick figure. That guide can be found here:   http://morlandstudios.com/?page_id=829


List of paints used in this guide:


Privateer Press P3 Thamar Black (blacks/belt buckle/rivets)
Privateer Press P3 Beast Hide (beard)
Privateer Press P3 Battle Dress Green (belt/shield straps)
Privateer Press P3 Gun Corps Brown (hammer handle)
Reaper Master Series Bright Skin (skin)
Reaper Master Series Cloudy Grey (floor tiles)
Reaper Master Series Misty Grey (armor)
Reaper Master Series Rainy Grey (armor strip/hammer head/armpads/shield
Reaper Master Series Lemon Yellow (necklace)
Reaper Master Series Jade Green (stone in necklace)


I picked the paint I used in this tutorial because the colors not only match the comic, but these paints are available worldwide through either local gaming stores or online.  Feel free to use any brand of miniature paint you can find.   Please note that the craft paints found in the local art and crafts stores do not contain the finely ground pigment that is in miniature paints and the large molecules found in craft paints may show up as grainy when used on small miniatures like these.  BUT, if that is all you have, use it.


Here is a picture of the parts that come with Durkon Thundershield.

Durkon Parts


This set comes with two shields, one with an arm and one that fits over the belt and behind the head, giving the option of having the shield held in the hand or placed on the back.  This set also comes with two arms if one doesn’t want to use the hand held shield. This set also comes with three legs, this provides one attached to the sprue for support with the base along with the other leg or two legs not attached to the sprue if you wish to not attach the figure to the base (or put on another base) and putty over the sprue slot.  You also have a spare leg if you cut one too short or break one.  The arms are provided long so they can be cut to length or posed as desired. After I have washed and prepped all the parts, drilled holes for arms and legs and decide what pose I want I trim the legs and arms to length and assemble Durkon.


For shield on the back and unarmed I found it easiest to assemble in this order:


I glued both legs to the body and then glued the supporting leg to the base.  Then I added the shield to the back and then finally the arms.

Durkon Assembled

Durkon Assembled Back


For the armed version, I assembled in this order:

I glued both legs to the body and then glued the supporting leg to the base.  Then I added the shield arm and the hammer to the empty hand.  When the glue was dry, I attached the hand to the body.

Durkon Assembled Hammer

I puttied and primed the figure so I could start painting.  I started with RMS Bright Skin for the skin.

Durkon Skin

Durkon Hammer Skin



Next I did the armor in RMS Misty Grey, then I did the shield, arm pad, hammerhead and armor strip in RMS Rainy Grey.

Durkon armor shirt

Durkon Hammer Armor


The belt and shield straps were done in P3 Battle Dress Green.  The necklace was done with RMS Lemon Yellow, and the gemstone is RMS Jade Green.

Durkon belt armor

Durkon Hammer belt necklace

Next  I did the hammer handle in P3 gun corps brown, the blacks in P3 Thamar Black with the beard in P3 Beast Hide and finally the stone in RMS Cloudy Grey.


I touched up any areas that needed it, gave him a spray of Dullcoat and he’s ready to go!


Durkon Finished

Durkon Hammer Finished