Xykon & His Zomble Dragon Guide


Odds are, if you are reading this, you already know what The Order of the Stick is.   If you are unfamiliar with The Order Of The Stick, it is an award winning web comic created and drawn by Rich Burlew that parodies D&D, role-playing games and medieval fantasy.


For this guide, I am assuming you have also read the OOTS Cleaning, Preparation & General Painting Information Guide.  If not, I would suggest reading it as it contains a lot of basic information useful for each and every Order of the Stick figure. That guide can be found here:   http://morlandstudios.com/?page_id=829


List of paints used in this guide:


Privateer Press P3 Thamar Black (blacks)
Privateer Press P3 Morrow White (Xykon bone)
Privateer Press P3 Exile Blue (Xykon Robe)

Privateer Press P3 Khador Red Base (Xykon Cloak & Eyes)
Reaper Master Series Misty Grey (Dragon Body)
Reaper Master Series Sunset Purple (patches on Dragon body)
Reaper Master Series Amethyst Purple (cuts on Dragon body)
Reaper Master Series Tusk Ivory (dragon bones/horns/claws  Formerly Desert Sand was used but it has been discontinued)
Reaper Master Series Pale Olive (dragon bone cuts/horn damage/wing membrane)
Reaper Master Series HD Entrail Pink (dragon eyes)
Reaper Master Series Palomino Gold (dragon reigns)
Reaper Master Series Lemon Yellow (Xykon Belt)
Reaper Master Series HD Dragon Blue (castle wall floor)
Reaper Master Series Snow Shadow (castle wall sides)
Reaper Master Series Ghost White (castle wall tops)


I picked the paint I used in this tutorial because the colors not only match the comic, but these paints are available worldwide through either local gaming stores or online.  Feel free to use any brand of miniature paint you can find.   Please note that the craft paints found in the local art and crafts stores do not contain the finely ground pigment that is in miniature paints and the large molecules found in craft paints may show up as grainy when used on small miniatures like these.  BUT, if that is all you have, use it.

 The metal Xykon shown in these assembly pictures is a “master cast” version.   The Xykon that comes with the set is resin.

The display base can be mounted on a plinth or another suitable game base for added stability.   To assemble the base, line up the hole in the castle wall with the floor by using the rod included in the kit and then glue the wall to the floor.  The wall goes to the shorter hole closest to the outside.

I do not glue the clear rods to either the dragon or the base at this stage.  That way I can make sure everything fits, is the right height and paint the underside of the dragon easier than if I attached it now.

Dragon Plinth


I drill two holes in the back of the dragon head to pin the horns to the head. See general cleaning and assembly guide for info on pinning.   I attach the horns with glue.

Dragon Head HOrns


There are two options for the reigns, a hole can be drilled inside the circle of the bridle and the metal wire inserted to form the reigns, which is what I have done for these models as it matches the artwork a bit better.  Or a hole can be drilled and the included bit piece can be inserted on each side and the wire reigns attached to that.   I drill the hole now but the wire will be added at a later step.


Dragon Head Reigns


I picked one side of the dragon and glued on the head and tail pieces.


Dragon head tail

The other side is then glued onto the dragon.

Dragon Side


Then the wings are glued on.

Dragon wings



I then glue Xykon onto the back of the dragon.  Next I glue the cape to Xykon and add his hands and feet.  I do the hands at an angle so he can grip the reigns and then gently bend the wire into place to add those.



Dragon Xykon

Xykon and his dragon are now ready for priming and puttying.  After that it is time to paint.

I painted the bottom castle floor with MSPHD Dragon Blue, the wall sides RMS Snow Shadow and the top and sides RMS Ghost White.  The Dragon body is painted in RMS Misty Grey and the wings are basecoated in RMS Pale Olive.

Dragon body basecoat

I used P3 Morrow White for Xykon’s skull and teeth, P3 Thamar Black for the black and P3 Exile Blue for Xykon’s robes.


Xykon Robe

Next Xykon’s eyes and cape are done with P3 Khador Base Red.  His belt is RMS Lemon Yellow.


xykon full

I then do the reigns in RMS Palomino Gold.   The Dragon skin patches are RMS Pale Indigo with the veins in in RMS Amethyst Purple.  I use P3 Thamar Black to line the Dragon’s eyes, Xykon’s cloak, the horns, claws, bones in the tail and around the bottom of Xykon’s robe.  The Dragon’s eyes are done in RMSHD Entrail Pink and the bones and horns are RMS Tusk Ivory.   I finished up with adding the damage to the horns and bones with RMS Pale Olive.  Then I do a final touch up any spots that need it and Dullcoat the set.


Xykon Set Front bb

Xykon Set Left Sidebb


Xykon Set Right Sidebbb