Xykon Guide



Odds are, if you are reading this, you already know what The Order of the Stick is.   If you are unfamiliar with The Order Of The Stick, it is an award winning web comic created and drawn by Rich Burlew that parodies D&D, role-playing games and medieval fantasy.


For this guide, I am assuming you have also read the OOTS Cleaning, Preparation & General Painting Information Guide.  If not, I would suggest reading it as it contains a lot of basic information useful for each and every Order of the Stick figure. That guide can be found here:   http://morlandstudios.com/?page_id=829


List of paints used in this guide:

Privateer Press P3 Thamar Black
Privateer Press P3 Morrow White
Privateer Press P3 Exile Blue

Privateer Press P3 Khador Red Base
Reaper Master Series Cloudy Grey

Reaper Master Series Lemon Yellow


I picked the paint I used in this tutorial because the colors not only match the comic, but these paints are available worldwide through either local gaming stores or online.  Feel free to use any brand of miniature paint you can find.   Please note that the craft paints found in the local art and crafts stores do not contain the finely ground pigment that is in miniature paints and the large molecules found in craft paints may show up as grainy when used on small miniatures like these.  BUT, if that is all you have, use it.


Xykon comes with a blue resin body, 2 metal hands, a metal crown and a plain plastic base.


The blue resin is a special resin that is stronger than normal resin, holds detail extremely well and can be painted without priming.  Metal bits still need priming however.


Because standing Xykon does not show legs, I cover the hole in the base with a piece of plastic.  Tape will also work just as well.  Then I putty over the entire base with a stone pattern

Xykon Base

Xykon Base Puttied

I drill a small hole for each of the arms and one for the crown on the back of his head, then I glue the arms and crown to Xykon.

Xykon Assembled

I then glue Xykon to the base.  If you want a little bit of extra sturdiness for game play, you can drill a small hole in the bottom of Xykon and the base and pin him to the base at this step.

Xykon Glued to base

I prime the crown, arms and base.  Our blue resin does not need priming, but make sure you wash it well before painting to make sure all oils from your hands and left over mold release are off the resin.

Xykon Primed

I paint the skull and hands white with P3 Morrow White.

Xykon White

I use P3 Khador Red Base for Xykon’s Cloak and eyes.

Xykon Red Front

Xykon Red Back

P3 Exile blue is added to Xykon’s robe.

Xykon Robe

Next I do the blacks in P3 Thamar Black.  I do the eyes, teeth, nose, around the crown and the blacks on the base.

Xykon Black

RMS Lemon Yellow is used on the belt and crown.

Xykon Crown

Finally I use RMS Cloudy Grey on the stones on the base.  I also touch up any colors that need it at this stage and give the figure it’s final dullcoat.  Xykon is now ready for display or the gaming table.

Xykon stone

Xykon Front

Xykon Back

Xykon Final Front

Xykon Final Back