Belkar Bitterleaf & Mr. Scruffy Guide



Odds are, if you are reading this, you already know what The Order of the Stick is.   If you are unfamiliar with The Order Of The Stick, it is an award winning web comic created and drawn by Rich Burlew that parodies D&D, role-playing games and medieval fantasy.


For this guide, I am assuming you have also read the OOTS Cleaning, Preparation & General Painting Information Guide.  If not, I would suggest reading it as it contains a lot of basic information useful for each and every Order of the Stick figure. That guide can be found here:


List of paints used in this guide:


Privateer Press P3 Morrow White
Privaterr Press P3 Thamar Black
Privateer Press P3 Iosan Green

Privateer Press P3 Ryn Flesh

Reaper Master Series HD 29803 Entrail Pink
Reaper Master Series HD 29811 Turf Green
Reaper Master Series 9038 Rainy Grey
Reaper Master Series 9089 Cloudy Grey
Reaper Master Series 9009 Lemon Yellow
Reaper Master Series 9015 Jade Green
Reaper Master Series 9243 Highlight Orange
Vallejo Game Colors White Primer
Testors Dull Coat Sealer


I picked the paint I used in this tutorial because the colors not only match the comic, but these paints are available worldwide through either local gaming stores or online.  Feel free to use any brand of miniature paint you can find.   Please note that the craft paints found in the local art and crafts stores do not contain the finely ground pigment that is in miniature paints and the large molecules found in craft paints may show up as grainy when used on small miniatures like these.  BUT, if that is all you have, use it.


Here is a picture of the parts that come with Belkar and Mr. Scruffy.


Belkar Pieces


I start by cleaning them.  (see general guide).

I dry fit (checking to make sure pieces fit where they are supposed to go without glue on them) each part and trim/tweak parts as needed.


Belkar & Mr. Scruffy  needed some slight trimming to the tab for it to fit in his base, which is normal as not every base has the same sized tab slot and slots can vary even within the same size of base, so sometimes timing tabs to fit figures into bases is needed.


Scruffy Tab1

Scruffy Tab 2


Belkar’s stick legs are a little bit longer than needed to allow for pinning or repositioning the feet in a more dynamic position.  I chose to have him standing still, so I cut the legs down according with the exacto knife.


Likewise the arms are also much longer than needed, which is to allow for some length for pinning into the sleeves, or if you don’t wish to pin, you can just use the exacto or a trimmer to cut to length and then glue them on.


Mr. Scruffy is easy since there is no assembly required so I just glue him into his base.


For Belkar, I dry fit the tab into the base to make sure it fits, then I glue the foot with the tab to the body.   I gently bend the other foot into place, dry fit the body to make sure the feet line up, then glue the second foot into the body.   Then I add glue to the other leg hole and the bottom of the already attached foot and attach the body to the foot that is already attached to the base which will also glue the foot attached to the body to the base at the same time.


Belkar Feet Assembled


I then dry fit the arms in their sleeves, and trim until I like the fit.    It’s easier to hold the arms and glue the daggers on, then attach the arms to the body.


Since I wanted the angry eyebrows for this version of Belkar, I go ahead and attach them now.    I mount both figures on an old paint bottle and putty the holes in the base.  Since Belkar and Mr. Scruffy come with plain bases and I want them to match the other Order of the Stick’s bases, I’ve chosen to give them the same dungeon crawling stone base that I’ve given to Roy as explained in the general guide for all OOTS figures.   After the bases set up, I prime both figures.


Belkar Primed

Mr. Scruffy Primed

Belkar and Mr. Scruffy are now primed, so it’s time to start the fun part….painting!


Because the artwork is deliberately not shaded, I am painting Belkar & Mr. Scruffy the same way, with a single color for each part so they will match the comic artwork.


I started with Belkar’s skin in Ryn Flesh.


Belkar Skin


His shirt was done with Jade Green followed by Iosan Green for the strip on the shirt and Belkar’s pants.


Belkar Shirt Pants


The cloak was done with Turf Green and his hair was painted with Highlight Orange.


Belkar Cloak and hair 1

belkar cloak and hair 2


The dagger hilt was painted with Rainy Grey while Belkar’s teeth, his dagger blade and Mr. Scruffy’s body were painted white with Morrow White.


belkar dagger and white 1

belkar dagger and white 2

Mr Scruffy White


Mr. Scruffy’s nose was done with Entrail Pink and his eyes and the cloak clasp on Belkar were done with Lemon Yellow.


Scruffy Nose

Belkar Clasp

I next painted the stones on both bases with Cloudy Grey.


Belkar Stone

Scruffy Stone


Black was used to line around each separation area on the clothes, Mr. Scruffy’s nose, the lines on the stone, around Mr. Scruffy’s eyes, dagger hilts, Belkar’s eyes, the base rims and anywhere else black was needed.


Belkar Black


Belkar Back Black


Scruffy Black


Next I touched up all the colors to cover any spots where paint went “out of the lines” so to speak.


I seal the minis with one or two thin coats of Dullcote, letting the sealer dry between coats.


After removing them from their mounted paint bottle,  Belkar and Mr. Scruffy are ready to fight battles and for you to enjoy!


Belkar Done


Scruffy Done