Elan, the Bard Guide



Odds are, if you are reading this, you already know what The Order of the Stick is.   If you are unfamiliar with The Order Of The Stick, it is an award winning web comic created and drawn by Rich Burlew that parodies D&D, role-playing games and medieval fantasy.


For this guide, I am assuming you have also read the OOTS Cleaning, Preparation & General Painting Information Guide.  If not, I would suggest reading it as it contains a lot of basic information useful for each and every Order of the Stick figure. That guide can be found here:   http://morlandstudios.com/?page_id=829


List of paints used in this guide:

Privateer Press P3 Thamar Black

Privateer Press P3 Ryn Flesh

Privateer Press P3 Morrow White

Privateer Press P3 Exile Blue

Privateer Press P3 Battle Dress Green

Privateer Press P3 Rucksack Tan

Reaper Master Series (RMS) 9089 Cloudy Grey

Reaper Master Series (RMS) 9009 Lemon Yellow

Reaper Master Series (RMS) 9201 Orange Brown

Reaper Master Series (RMS) 9038 Rainy Grey

Reaper Master Series (RMS) 9016 Sapphire Blue

Reaper Master Series (RMS) 9243 Highlight Orange



I picked the paint I used in this tutorial because the colors not only match the comic, but these paints are available worldwide through either local gaming stores or online.  Feel free to use any brand of miniature paint you can find.   Please note that the craft paints found in the local art and crafts stores do not contain the finely ground pigment that is in miniature paints and the large molecules found in craft paints may show up as grainy when used on small miniatures like these.  BUT, if that is all you have, use it.


Here is a picture of the parts that come with Elan.

Elan Parts

I start by cleaning them.  (see general guide).

I dry fit (checking to make sure pieces fit where they are supposed to go without glue on them) each part and trim/tweak parts as needed.


The foot by itself on a tab is the one that will attach to the base and take the weight of the figure.   I attach the weight bearing foot to the body, but not to the base.

Elan single foot


I bend the other foot into position and attach.

Elan Both feet

Then I glue the weight bearing foot to the base.

elan both feet glued


For the lute holding version of Elan I glue the hand to the top of the lute and glue the other hand to the strings.

Elan Glued Lute

I then gently bend arms into position and attach them to the figure.

Elan Lute Glue


For the Elan version holding the rapier, I start assembly by gluing the rapier to the hand.

Elan Rapier glued

I glue the arms into the drilled out arm holes.

Elan rapier arms

Then I gently bend the arms into the position that I want them in.

elan arms bent


Finally I attach the hair piece.

Elan Rapier Hair


Elan Lute Hair

I putty the figure and stones (see general assembly guide) and then I start painting.


I started by painting the stone in RMS Cloudy Grey.

Elan Rapier Stone

Elan Lute stone


Then I do the skin in P3 Ryn Flesh.

Elan rapier skin

Elan lute skin



Next are boots and belt in RMS Orange Brown.  The pants are painted with P3 Exile Blue.  The rapier blade and shirt are P3 Morrow White.   The vest is RMS Sapphire Blue.    The lute strings are RMS Cloudy Grey.

Elan lute clothes

elan rapier clothes


The rapier hilt is painted with RMS Rainy Grey.   The top of the lute is painted with P3 Rucksack Tan and the bottom of the lute is P3 Battle Dress Green.  The lute bridge is RMS Highlight Orange.  The hair is RMS Lemon Yellow and the blacks for the arms, mouth and eyes are P3 Thamar Black.    I cleaned up any stray paint and black lined the areas that needed it, around the hair, belt, vest, belt, around the side of the lute, strings  and around the rapier blade and then he’s ready for a final spray of protective dullcoat finish.


Elan Weapon 1b

Elan Weapon 2b

Elan Lute 1b

Elan lute 2b