30mm Abstract Parquet Stacker Set x1


Take your display and gaming bases to the next level with Morland Studios Stackers basing & display plinth system.  Our stacker system is designed to provide a high quality, highly customizable, basing or display system at a low cost.  

Each part in our patent-pending Stacker system can be used as a base itself or combined with other parts to form a better, more customized base. Each part of the same size fits together to create the base, or plinth, that YOU want.   Because each part in the system is also a stand-alone base or plinth, extra parts are easy to add and unwanted parts are fully usable as either bases or plinths.  

You can create a custom height for a display plinth as a solid final piece with your figure mounted on top, or leave the top section “free” to create a display base with an interchangeable top.  This is especially great when you want to keep a low base profile for your figure long term, or for gaming, but want to give it extra height, easier viewing (and notice!) when on display in a display case or convention table.  When used on their own, the plinth sections can also double as damage markers, spell markers or as easy topography markers in tabletop gaming.  

All of our plinths and bases have “easy grip” sides that truly allow you to handle your figure by the base while retaining a pleasant display to look at.  Unlike other bases, they are easy to pick up by the rim directly from the table with no more having to slide the base to the side of the table or pick up your delicate figure by the figure to either move it around or pick it off the table. This is especially important for delicate plastic or resin gaming pieces that require a lot of handling.  

Our hollow bases and stacker sets are wonderful for basing figures with integral bases without needing to remove the base. Simply glue the figure into the base, add a little bit of groundwork and your model is ready to go!  At approx. 3mm deep, these hollow bases will accomodate most figures with small or large intergral bases.  The new improved rim also works wonders for containing water effects in an easy, mess-free way that maintains a lovely presentation of your figure without risking injury to yourself, a base or a model in trying to modify a plastic base to hold water effects.

This set contains one 34m hollow base (rim approx 6mm tall), one 30mm large plinth stacker section (approx 17mm tall), one 30mm medium plinth stacker section (approx 11.5mm tall) , one 30mm small plinth stacker section (approx 6mm tall) and one 30mm Abstract Parquet base (approx 6mm tall) topper piece.  Overall height if all pieces are used is approx 43mm.  Additional height can be gained by purchasing additional 30mm plinth stacker pieces.

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